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How to Detect a Termite Presence

Termites love warm weather areas that have a lot of rain. They shall expand their colonies freely. They might be small creatures, but they have an astonishing ability to chew through so much material that no other pests can match their level of destruction.
People usually, wait to react to an existing infestation. This usually does not work out well for them, since by the time you see them, they shall have done irreparable damage to your building. It is best to stop an infestation from happening. You need to have the house thoroughly inspected. You will many species of them, but the memorable ones are the Drywood termites, Dampwood termites, Subterranean termites, and the Formosan termites. They each possess different traits. But none are that easily eradicated.

Drywood termites live in wood and do not need any other environment. They shall digest the cellulose and get all the moisture they need. They shall have many colonies in the same place. They are detected through their fecal pellets.

Dampwood termite prefer moisture-soaked wood for a place to live. You will find them in decaying wood on the ground. You shall notice their infestation on the exterior of the house. You shall keep them away by seeing to it that there are no wet areas around the house. They will also make trees hollow by eating their insides, thus rendering them health hazards.

Subterranean termites are the most common species. They inhabit structures in which they have created an intricate tunnel system ,and millions of them are present. You will see more of them during the warm seasons. Their choice of soil is because they need a lot of moisture. They make mud tunnels that are long, in order to reach food.

The Formosan termite is also called the super termite. It is the most destructive species there is. Their colonies are the largest, which house millions of them. These colonies have many kings and queens whose job is to keep reproducing all the time. Their queens are able to lay thousands of eggs a day. They will have chewed through large planks of wood without leaving a trace. You will have a hard time detecting their presence.

It is common to hear people day that termites eat wood exclusively. They are usually wrong, seeing as termites can eat anything with cellulose in it, from cardboards to insulation. They will also attack asphalt and thin sheets of metal. They can, therefore, go through the outside of your house. They can also crawl into the house through the smallest of spaces.

This highlights the need to prevent their infestation in the first place. Hiring the best pest control service provider is the way to go.

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