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The Lifestyle Of The Piqua Shawnees

The Piqua Shawnee is one of the American tribes that live in Northeast and Southeast. They lived a semi-nomadic life and practiced farming and hunting. The Shawnees were attracted to the bandannas and head clothes after meeting with the Europeans.The tribe is signed officially in the United States and they belong to the category of Indian Americans. The article highlights what you need to know about the Piqua tribe.
The Origin Of The Tribe

The tribe mostly dominated the Tennessee regions. The group later dispersed into different directions taking control of the North east and South East part of the America. The tribe mostly covered the regions such as the Tenses, Texas, Ohio, Oklahoma, Kansas, Pennsylvania, and South Carolina. the quick adaptations of the Piqua to the different areas made them explore the different regions. The tribe were social and they could easily intermarry with the different tribes in their regions.

The Living Standards
The houses of this tribe were mainly semi-permanent. The structures of the houses that they lived in were famously known as the Wetus or the Wigwams. Since they could not live for long in one place, they constructed these types of houses. The makeshift structures were developed using the ropes, tree barks and the hides from the game animals.

The Food Consumed By The Shawnees

The tribe had a wide variety of food that they consumed. The plain Shawnees used the buffaloes, bear and turkey and their diet was supplemented by the wild fruits and vegetables. The woodland Shawnees mainly consumed the fish, squirrel, ever, maize, pumpkin and beans. The south East Shawnees were mostly attracted to the eagle, buffalo, turkey, wild hogs and the wild fruits.

Types Of Clothes

The clothes worn by the Shawnees were mainly dictated by the climatic conditions of the place that they settled in. The Shawnees put one the breech clothes during sunny days while they could wear the leggings and warm clothes during the rainy seasons. They adopted the robes and the cloaks due to the heavy rains in some regions. They later adopted the dressing mode of the white settler after some period. The trade between them and the Europeans led to the introduction of the trouser and cotton dresses.

The language category of the tribe belonged to the Algonquian language.They are listed as the Indian American tribe by the state of Alabama. The Shawnees can still be spotted wearing the bandannas and there are some days that they celebrate their cultural heritage. The rise of civilization has led to erosion of some of their cultural practices.

Learning The Secrets About Cultures

Learning The Secrets About Cultures